Easy Hitch
The one person easy as A-B-C... Trailer / Hitch Alignment Solution

Get Hitched. The first time, every time.

Easy Hitch

Easy Hitch can be used for:

  • Boat, Tent & Horse Trailers
  • Ski-doo, Sea-do
  • ATV Trailers
  • Motorcycle
  • Stock/race car Trailers
  • Flatbed & Garden Trailers
  • Livestock Trailers
  • ... and much more!
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Park and secure trailer. Voila! Easy as ABC

Easy Hitch trailer alignment soloution will allow you to safely and without hassle, hitch up any type of trailer system to your vehicle. Whether it be your boat trailer, RV trailer or more… this handy device will quickly give you guidance in getting the job done right the first time, every time.

  1. The Easy Hitch flashing rods are very easy to use when aligning or hitching up any kind of trailer to your vehicle. Attach one rod to your trailer hitch and the other rod to your vehicle hitch.
  2. Reverse the vehicle, watching your rear view mirror for alignment of the rods (the separate markers light up for easy alignment allowing you to hitch up using only your rear-view mirror).
  3. When one flashing rod knocks off, your trailer has been hitched. The first time and every time!
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The Easy Hitch Trailer Hitch Alignment Solution

  • Connect your trailer, hitch your vehicle and ready to go in just minutes, solo!
  • Bumper saver. Back saver. Marriage saver.
  • Hassle free, easy to set up and use.
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